Work Permit Application Forms (B1-1)


1.  Open and print the proper B1-1 form.
2.  Fill out your information, please print clearly.
3.  Take the form to your potential employer.  When you are hired, your employer will fill out their section.
4.  Have your parent or guardian sing the form in the proper location.
5.  Bring the completed form to your local school and turn it into the proper official.
6.  It should take no longer than a day to create and obtain your work permit form the school.
7.  Return to the proper official where you will sign the work permit and obtain a copy for your employer.
8.  Take the work permit to the employer, you are now eligible to work for that employer.
9.  If you change jobs or get a second job, this process must be followed again.
10.  NOTE, if you work for an employer that has several locations, you must obtain a seperat permit for each location.


Blank - Form that can be use for any school.