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CA Employment Development Department CA Department of Industrial Relations
CA Employer Advisory Council CA Association of Work Experience Teacher
CA Industrial Welfare Commission-Wage Orders California Agencies, Departments and Commissions
CA Department of Fair Employment and Housing CA Child Labor Laws 2000 Phamplet
Young Workers. Org U.S. Department of Labor
California Careers U.S. Education, Jobs and Volunteerism
CA Entertainment Work Permit Forms Find California Laws Search Site
The Words Needed to Complete the Job Application Worksheet

L.A. Unified WEE Curriculum Page

Hands on Banking - Wells Fargo Banking Education Site


Career One Stop

If you want to learn about potential technical careers, what skills are needed, the occupational outlook, potential earnings and more, visit Career Voyages online. This web site is the result of a collaboration between the US Department of Labor and the US Department of Education. It is designed to provide detailed information and videos for students, parents or educators on a variety of careers in automotive, construction, energy, information technology, health care, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation and more.

My Next Move

My Next Move is an easy-to-use electronic tool that enables users to explore occupations and find related information, including job openings, job outlook information, salaries, apprenticeships, and other related education and training programs.

Practical Money Skills -Sponsored by VISA


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