Whom should you ask to write this letter?  Consider someone you have provided a service or worked.  Specifically, someone who has observed your abilities and skills should be the author of this letter.  A relative or friend would not be an appropriate choice of authors because of their opinion of you is considered biased.  Further, for this activity, ask your Language Arts, Math or Science teacher for one.

For the most part this portion of your portfolio is almost completely out of your control.  Typically, when you ask someone to write a letter for you they will ask, “What would you like me to say or mention?”  Anybody can say anything, so let us direct them into writing a recommendation that best fits your needs.

Letter of Recommendation Plan

  1. Make a list of all the adults who know you and about your personal achievements.  They might include community and religious leaders, employers or supervisors, your parent’s friends, teachers or counselors.
  2. For each person, list their name, telephone number, address and the number of years that they have known you.
  3. From this list, select the few, whom you feel will write a letter meeting the needs of your application.  This list may include someone you provided a service, which involved activities similar to this new position.
  4. Make a checklist of the information you feel should be included in this letter.  In particular, list:
a.      The correct spelling of your complete name including your middle initial
b.      The date you will need to submit their letter
c.      A verbal picture of you:
a.      Which personality, character and achievements that your would like them to address in their letter
b.      Your college and career goals
c.      Describe your awards, honors, community and academic activities
  1. Thank each of the letter writers for their assistance and support, as soon as you receive their letters.
  2. Read each letter and select two which discuss the attributes you feel are important for this position.  Include that letter into your portfolio.

Your Assignment

Your portfolio should have at least one but no more than three Letters of Recommendation for future employment.  You should ask adults who know you, your personality, skills, habits, attitude, etc.  You might ask persons from your list of references, neighbors, current or past employers, teachers, counselors, or your minister, but don not ask relatives or fellow students.


·        Obtain at least one Letter of Recommendation for a future job
·        Letters from relatives or fellow students are not allowed
·        The letter must be created by someone other than yourself
·        Do not make up a letter and have someone just sign it
·        If received in handwriting, arrange to type it and have them sign
·        Letters should be addressed, “To Whom It May Concern;”
·        If possible ask that the letter not be dated

Use the Letter of Recommendation Request form.  Complete this personal information form and give it to the persons on your list that you would like to write you a Letter of Recommendation.  This will assist the author in placing accurate information in the letter.

CLICK HERE for the Letter of Recommendation Request Form



At sometime in your life you might be asked to write a letter of recommendation.  The following is a basic outline for writing a letter of recommendation.

The recommendation letter should be one page and contain three or four paragraphs.

First Paragraph:  Describes how long they have known the person, in what capacity, relationship, and the person’s activities or responsibilities you may have preformed for you.

Second Paragraph:  DETAILS!  This can be more than one paragraph long and contain information about the individual’s accomplishments, individual strengths, or how well they have communicated their ideas or information.

Third Paragraph:  Summation, broad and general statements about the individual.

The following is a simple sample of a Letter of Recommendation




To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Shauna Dumars.  Shauna worked for me during the past summer at my Century 21 Real Estate Office.  Shauna work as an office assistant.

Ms. Dumars was a great help I organizing our files, answering phone, inputting computer data and assisting customers.  Shauna has good computer skills and knows common software programs.  She works hard and is very reliable.  During her time working here she has never be late and never missed a day of work.

I believe Shauna would be an excellent employee and I highly recommend her to future employers.  She will be an asset to any business that hires her.  Please feel free to call me at (909) 853-1212 if I can be of assistance or answer any questions about Shauna.



Mr. Charles Young,
Owner, Century 21 Real Estate